My Coffee Isn’t Finished YET!

My decision about work-life balance!


At the start of this year, I said, I will not be making any resolutions, nor will I fall for the promises and pledges game. I said, instead, I will make decisions that will not only be for this year but a lifetime and a lifestyle change.

In this month (September 2020), I am deciding that I will make a small but important change that will help me be at my best at all times (except the cheeky ones, hellz to the yeah!) and serve my relationships, personal or business, with utmost focus, strength, vigor and integrity. More importantly, consistency and reliability.

Yesterday, in a very in-depth conversation with one of my mentors, we agreed that one disservice I continue to do to myself, my family, fur-family, friends and even clients is that I make myself available the minute I wake up and keep myself accessible to the minute I crash-land in my bed (sometimes on the office floor, which gives away the fact that I STILL struggle with work-life balance!)

In doing so, while I may give a momentary feeling of being ‘ready to serve’ but in long term, with no time and space for myself, I do a disservice to everyone because I give myself no real break. This means I do not get to start the day with myself, appreciating my favorite mocha latte, enjoying my croissant, and kissing my puppies all over their face and annoying the heck out of them. As a result, I am constantly doing, yet never doing enough and the cycle repeats itself every single day.

I do believe in work-life balance, strongly, even though you may scoff at me right now for I just laid bare the very contradictory way I operate every day. But on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best, I have been at least a 7 in maintaining work-life balance. The years when I did not do that, I learned my lessons the hard way.


It almost skipped me, that the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed, I am serving — my parents, ‘siblings’, friends, team, clients, show-guests, neighbors, charities, clubs and the list goes on. And it only stops when I cannot keep my eyes open anymore, and often my phone falls off my hands somewhere around me. This, when for several years I have successfully followed the ‘devices 10 feet away’ rule and made several of my clients to stick to it too.

So after an intense 40 minute session, my mentor and I decided, this month, my 2020 Decision Nine does not have to be a huge step but something very small, very simple yet very firm that I must do to break the cycle of tiredness, disorientation, and inconsistency. For the most part of my career I have been known, recognized and even rewarded and awarded honors with specific highlights from my seniors that ‘Organization is Szebastian’s forte!’ as they vouched for my consistency, delivery and dedication, encouraging other to follow my lead.

I seek that moment and pride of the organization being my forte, back in my life.
I need that power of consistent, quality, and confident results back in my routine.
I want to be the same Szebastian again, who no one dared to say ‘Good Morning’ till my coffee was finished!

Yup, I miss being that douche, that they loved and admired and I am not going to be shy about it — that recognition, attention and power was my happy-drug and I want it back!

So, 2020 Decision Nine is:

Except for my Human and Fur-Family, I will not give my pre-coffee time to any being, so I am fully recharged to serve everyone with integrity, vigor and enthusiasm.

I owe this to YOU — reading this.
I owe this to MYSELF!

I am doing this for me and you with Clarity, Truth, Courage and Resilience #CTCR, so let’s

Dream Big, Make It Happen!




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